Circumvent draconian censorship techniques by exchanges and other blockchain snoops.

Toggle Ricochet when sending to a third party exchange or service such as Coinbase, Gemini, ShapeShift, or Localbitcoins to significantly reduce the risk of unjustified account closure by these services.

Thousands of legitimate transactions are flagged as suspicious every day. Exchanges and other third party services freeze funds and suspend users based on blacklists published by Blockchain surveillance algorithims.

When you send Bitcoin to a third party that uses these blacklists, the history of sent coins are examined about 5 transactions (or hops) back in history. Your bitcoin can be confiscated and your account frozen for past activity. Even if you weren't in possesion of the bitcoin at the time.


Prevent leaking privacy damaging meta-data when transacting.

Most bitcoin wallets leave a trail of meta-data that blockchain surveillance firms use to deanonymize you. Protect yourself from address clustering deanonymization attacks with STONEWALL.

A common blockchain surveillance tactic is address clustering. Crawling the blockchain for public meta data, these firms are able to cluster enough addresses and transaction history to form an identity, even across different wallets.

STONEWALL creates special transactions that provide strong statistical doubt as to the link between sender and recipient.

These transactions are not suitable for surveillance clustering attempts as the sender and recipient cannot be determined with any reasonable degree of certainty.


Your public ID for receiving stealth payments into your wallet

When you share a normal address publicly, you are giving surveillance firms a starting point to track you. PayNym's defend against this type of 'First Touch' attack by never revealing an address to anyone other than the sender and recipient of the transaction.

When an address is published publicly, for example when posted on a social media profile, a 'starting point' is created that is definitively associated with your identity. Any subsequent transactions involving that address are also potentially linked to your identity.

Add your friends PayNym code to your wallet and automatically generate unique stealth bitcoin addresses for sending to their wallet. Only you and your friend are aware of the addresses generated by PayNym.

Share your PayNym code on your website or social media profile to accept payments from anyone without reusing addresses or providing a starting point for blockchain surveillance firms.

Intelligent Alerts

Stop privacy breaches before they start.

Our intelligent alerting system offers a proactive approach to stopping common privacy pitfalls and alerting you to potential privacy violations.

The alerting system targets common pitfalls such as address reuse and merging inputs. Intelligent Alerts let you know before privacy is compromised, and offers suggested next steps.

No Address Reuse

Samourai never reuses addresses, never leaking valuable metadata about you and your purchase habits.

Samourai will alert you if you have sent to an address before, helping prevent unintentional address reuse.

Merge Avoidance

Samourai will attempt to build transactions without merging previously associated outputs.

Merging outputs that have previously been associated together is a gift to blockchain analysis firms as it connects both transactions to a single entity without any question. If merging cannot be avoided you will be alerted.

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