Bypass data network limitations and restrictions with full offline wallet support.

Data not required

You don't need a network connection to start using bitcoin.

Samourai works under any network conditions. This is an attractive option for those interested in creating ultra secure cold storage systems, as well as those under hostile or cost prohibitive network conditions.

Samourai is able to seamlessly switch between online and offline mode, depending on the status of the network connection on the device. Install Samourai on a device without a data connection to setup a fully offline wallet.

Offline wallets provide the ultimate in secure storage, as the private keys are never exposed to a device with an active network connection. An offline storage mechanism is a requirement of any secure cold storage setup.

If you have access to a second networked device, use our companion app Sentinel to easily manage your offline wallet without security loss or exposing your private keys.

Offline Broadcast

Broadcast transactions to the bitcoin network by SMS or mesh network.

Bypass network limitations with multiple offline sending methods. SMS broadcast uses our open source format to broadcast transactions through standard SMS messages. Mesh broadcast extends our open source format to support the goTenna mesh network.