Introducing Reusable Payment Codes

The first full BIP 47 implementation, bringing privacy to public bitcoin payments.
ShapeShift Supported Here

Share your payment code to receive bitcoin.

Your wallet now has a Reusable Payment Code that you can share.

Your payment code is unique to the wallet and never changes. You can publish and share your payment code without a loss of privacy for you or the sender.

No address needed

When your payment code is added by another wallet you will be able to receive bitcoin without ever sharing a bitcoin address. You can optionally send bitcoin back to the other wallet without sharing addresses.

Add a public payment code to send bitcoin anonymously

Scan a payment code to open a payment channel

A payment channel will be created between both wallets by sending a special transaction on the blockchain. This is called a broadcast transaction and requires 1 network confirmation to confirm.

Tap to send

Once the broadcast transaction is confirmed the payment channel is open. Simply tap the channel name to send Bitcoin directly to that wallet. No need to know their address.