A strong ring of entropy surrounds your transactions

We can see exactly how effective STONEWALL is at providing increased doubt linking the inputs and outputs of a transaction.

Try it for yourself. Toggle STONEWALL on/off to see the difference between the linkability of the transactions.

The blue ring represents the initial transaction.

The red rings are associated transactions that are linked together. This is what a normal bitcoin transaction looks like to blockchain spies.

Prevent leaking privacy damaging metadata while transacting.

STONEWALL creates special transactions that provide strong statistical doubt as to the link between sender and recipient.

Most bitcoin wallets leave a trail of meta-data on the blockchain that surveillance firms use to deanonymize you. STONEWALL automatically helps guard against address clustering and other deanonymization attacks.

Break the assumptions of blockchain analysis with mathematically provable doubt between sender and recipient of your transactions.

Preview the privacy score of your transaction before you send it.

Turn the tables on surveillance firms by using the same caliber tools they use.

Your Samourai Wallet leverages the OXT Analysis Platform to allow you to review the estimated impact on your privacy before you even send your transaction.