Keep your private keys private.

Track your offline, cold storage, and paper wallets without your private keys.

Sentinel is entirely public key based, meaning your private keys stay private and are never needed or requested.

Keep watch with the Sentinel Watchlist

Add one or many bitcoin wallets to your personal watchlist to keep an eye on balance and transactions.

The powerful watchlist can track all types of bitcoin addresses and extended public keys.

Easily receive into your offline wallets while on the go

Sentinel can derive the next unused address for any wallet in your watchlist

Generate addresses directly for your offline cold storage without exposing your private keys or reducing your security.

Broadcast signed transactions from your offline wallet

Use Sentinel to push your offline transactions to the bitcoin network.

Your offline bitcoin wallet may eventually need to eventually send a transaction. Do not compromise the security of your offline wallet by bringing it online. Use Sentinel to maintain the airgap.