Law Enforcement Guide

Wallet - Law Enforcement Summary

Samourai Wallet is open source, non custodial bitcoin wallet software developed and published by a group of open source enthusiasts and volunteers.

Users of Samourai Wallet do not make transaction requests to us. Instead, they interact directly with the bitcoin network themselves. We cannot stop any person from transacting using the Samourai Wallet software, in the same way that the developers of Firefox web browser cannot stop any person from browsing the web using their software.

Samourai Wallet is not a financial intermediary or a money services business. This is different than how virtual currency exchanges operate. We never know any of our users' private keys.

We don't take control of or transmit our users' digital currency. Samourai Wallet is non custodial software. Samourai Wallet users can store and spend the same bitcoin currency units, in as many other industry-standard software wallets as they like, at the same time as they are stored in their Samourai Wallet.

We Cannot:

block Spend virtual currency on a user's behalf (or against the user's wishes).

block Freeze or forfeit virtual currency on law enforcement's behalf.

block Provide law enforcement verified legal names.

block Provide law enforcement mailing addresses.

block Provide law enforcement social security or national ID numbers.

Architecture Summary:

1. User downloads the wallet software or builds the software themselves from the open source code.

2. Wallet keys are generated on the user's hardware using their unique self created password.

3. Wallet balances are queried using a public or private bitcoin full node using clearnet or the Tor network.

4. Users send and receive bitcoin using the wallet software as they please.