Alpha 3

You can help test Samourai by installing the Alpha directly from the Google Play Store

While we are confident in the stability of Samourai Wallet please keep in mind this is an Early Access release. Always write down the your 12 word mnemonic that is presented when you first create a new wallet, and never forget your wallet passphrase. Samourai cannot help you retrieve a lost passphrase.

In Progress

  • No More 3rd Party API'sQ2 2017

    All dependencies on 3rd party API's are removed. By default, our secure Iceland based nodes will be used instead.

  • Full Segwit SupportQ3 2017

    Samourai implements full segregated witness support in wallet and on back-end

  • Mixing Q3 2017

    Samourai implements our mobile mixing solution, keeping you in control of your coins at all times.

  • Trusted Node for extended wallet functionsQ3 2017

    Enhance the functionality of Trusted Node to use the node for more wallet functions instead of default Samourai servers.

  • Add UIOngoing

    Add UI around all parts of the wallet


  • RBF (Replace By Fee)Alpha 3

    Allows senders to rebroadcast a stuck transaction to the network

  • CPFP (Child Pays for Parent)Alpha 3

    Allows users with stuck transactions to top up fee for quick confirmation.

  • Trusted Node - PushTXAlpha 3

    Users can add their own trusted node details. Samourai will use this node to push all transactions.

  • Ricochet IntroducedAlpha 3

    Ricochet is our first premium transaction intended to further obfuscate transactions for a small fee.

  • BIP 126 ImplementedAlpha 3

    BIP126 defines the best practices for building transactions that minimize the leaking of personally identifiable information.

  • Samourai PushTX nodesAlpha 3

    Our Iceland based nodes now push all Samourai transactions instead of 3rd party API's.

  • Dynamic network aware feesAlpha 3

    Automatically determine the best fee for confirmation. User can set fee level (low, normal, priority)

  • BIP47 (Reusable Payment Codes) ImplementedAlpha 2

    BIP47 defines methodes that allow users to establish private payment channels with each other, enabling sending and receiving without needing to manually communicate bitcoin addresses.

  • VPN supportAlpha 2

    Allow seamless VPN Integration, allowing users to push transactions without giving away their IP

  • Tor SupportAlpha 2

    Allow users to access their wallet and push transactions through Tor on mobile

  • BIP 69 ImplementedAlpha 2

    BIP69 improves ordering transaction inputs and outputs in a deterministic way.

  • RBF DetectionAlpha 2

    Alert the user when an incoming transaction is RBF enabled.

  • Basic UIAlpha 1

    Barebones wallet UI: Create / Restore / Transactions / Send / Receive / Settings / Pin Login

  • Basic Wallet FunctionsAlpha 1

    Barebones minimum wallet: BIP 32,39,44 / Send & Receive / Currency Conversions

  • Remote CommandsAlpha 1

    Remote wipe wallet / Remote retrieve wallet weed / SIM Card switch alert

  • Stealth ModeAlpha 1

    Samourai will not appear in the phone Installed Apps list, or in the Launcher

  • Blockchain ObfuscationAlpha 1

    Samourai introduces the idea of blockchain obfuscation through manipulating transaction outputs.