Crafty Cobra

Alpha 3
Early Access

You can help test Samourai right from the Google Play Store by opting into the Alpha Test Group.

While we are confident in Samourai Wallet please keep in mind this is an Early Access release so do not keep a large amount of bitcoin in this wallet and always write down the your 12 word mnemonic that is presented when you first create a new wallet.

If you encounter any bugs, crashes, or just need some help please contact  support

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Product Roadmap

Status: Public Opt-in Alpha
Open Source Date: March 30, 2016


  • Basic UI

    Create / Restore / Transactions / Send / Receive / Settings / Pin Login

  • Basic Wallet Functions

    BIP 32,39,44 / Send & Receive / Currency Conversions

  • Remote Commands

    Wipe wallet / Retrieve Wallet Seed / Alert to SIM switch

  • Stealth Mode

    Operate silently on the device

  • Block Chain Privacy

    Basic transaction obscuring on block chain with change address manipulation

  • BIP 126 Implemented

    Heterogeneous Input Script Transactions guidelines which minimize the uncontrolled disclosure of personally identifiable information when transacting

  • VPN Support

    Allow seamless VPN Integration, allowing users to push transactions without giving away their IP

  • Tor Support

    Allow users to access their wallet and send transactions through Tor on mobile

  • BIP 47 Support

    Allow users to establish private payment channels with each other, enabling sending and receiving without needing to communicate bitcoin addresses.

  • RBF Detection

    Alert users if they receive a transaction that may be later be replaced or removed.

In Progress

  • End reliance on all third party APIs

    Decentralise all the things

  • Mobile Mixing Support

    Built in support for decentalised coin mixing

  • Segregrated Witness support

    Re-architect certain processes to support SegWit

  • Full RBF Support

    Ability to send transactions that are later replaceable by fee

  • More UI

    Add more UI around Privacy Guard, Bitcoin Network Health Alerts, Sending Process, and more

  • Built in Tor

    Take Tor Support a step further with integrated Tor. Users will not need to take any additional steps to send through the Tor network.